Lempi­kuoro in autumn 2022 with a bunch of new friends! (Photo: Pyry Kantonen)

Lempi­kuoro is a Helsinki-based mixed choir founded in autumn 2019 by expe­rienced singers. At the core of this ambi­tious choir is the joy of making music, a curious take towards new types of perfor­mance and a warm commu­nity. Julia Lainema is the choir’s artistic director.

The choir’s reper­toire ranges from the Renais­sance to contem­po­rary music, and the choir has colla­bo­rated open-mindedly with various choirs, artists and compo­sers. In June 2023, Lempi­kuoro was awarded two gold stamps at the esteemed Tampe­reen Sävel festival. In September of the same year, the choir gave the Finnish premiere of Pulitzer and Grammy Award winner Caro­line Shaw’s work “To the Hands” at the House of Lords with the string ensemble Nome. In 2022, Lempi­kuoro performed in the famous opera Sun & Sea, which won the Golden Lion at the Venice Bien­nale and was orga­nised as part of Kias­ma’s ARS22 exhi­bi­tion and the Helsinki Festival

Julia Lainema, artistic director of Lempi­kuoro, graduated from the Sibe­lius Acade­my’s Master’s Programme in Choral Conduc­ting in 2022 and from the Master’s Programme in Music Educa­tion in 2016. In addi­tion to Lempi­kuoro, Julia is the artistic director of the Helsinki-based Ahjo Ensemble and Kaari Ensemble as well as the Tampere-based chamber choir Näsi.